Monday, January 17, 2011

Sunday Night Fish Dinner

With most of the week being busy and hectic I find Sundays the most relaxing and its also the day Marin County has its biggest and oldest Farmers Market. After my morning coffee I am off on the short drive to the market to seek out something for tonight's dinner. I walk the whole market first to get a feel of what is new, popular and who is selling it at the best price. There is the Mushroom lady by the front entrance who sells a amazing variety of locally foraged mushrooms, the beautiful Gold Chantrelles on display stand out from the rest and beg me to buy half a pound, next its off to the fresh fish stall for a few cooked to order BBQ Tomales bay oysters to eat while I look over the fish, I choose a snow white fillet of Corvina Bass from the Central California Coast. Back at home making dinner is a easy process with the idea of doing a Winter Root Vegetable Risotto as a base for the fish fillet which I decided to wrap in thin slices of Prosciutto ham.

A few hours later my risotto slowly simmers on the stove while my ham wrapped fish fillet goes into a hot non-stick saute pan with a dash of extra virgin olive oil, the fillet is then flipped after about a minute then into a 350F oven to finish cooking. The mushrooms were quickly sauteed in butter and then everything came together on a pre warmed plate. This is the way I like to cook with only a few quality ingredients bought from the farmers themselves. Its a win win for everyone.

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