Saturday, August 18, 2012

Concert Event Cooking in San Francisco

Whole Lamb with Moroccan Rub ready for the Smoker

John Fink of The Whole Beast with his smoker

Chopping Cooked Lamb for Gyros
I helped out a fellow cooking buddy out on a recent weekend for San Francisco's Outside Lands Concert, this huge concert is a three-day festival with close to 60 thousand people a day and they all were very hungry too! My friend John Fink has a business "The Whole Beast" cooking whole fish and animals over live fire in his custom smoker trailer. He sources natural animals that were raised free of any growth hormones and are 100% organic. For this big job his theme was to use only lamb and he had lots of them, 27 to be exact. He chose to use Moroccan inspired spice rubs for the lamb then serve the cooked meat three ways in the form of Gyros, Mulligatawny soup and added to gravy poured over freshly made french fries that were cooked in rendered lamb fat. It was very popular with a continuous line of people all three days. In my many days of working in kitchens we always have a radio on, this day we had recording artists such as Jack White and Stevie Wonder playing live in the back ground; how cool is that?!

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