Monday, August 20, 2012

Fresh Cranberry Bean Salad

Beautiful Bean Pods

Shelled Beans

Tossed and Ready to Eat

On a recent day at my local Farmers Market these white and purple Cranberry Beans caught my eye and started my thought process of "What can I do with them?" A light Summer salad was my first choice and that's what I did. Cooking these beans were simple, shelled and simmered in salted water till tender; I was a little disappointed when the purple speckled beans turned a grayish color when cooked, but they still tasted great. 

Cranberry Bean & Bacon Salad

1 cup shelled cranberry beans
1 Handful washed and dried Arugula
2 Strips Smoked Bacon, cut in thin strips
1T Fine diced red onion
1 T Sherry wine vinegar
3 T Extra Virgin Olive oil
Salt and Pepper to taste

1. Simmer the beans in salted water till tender, drain and cool.
2. Cook the bacon till crisp, Blot on paper towels.
3. Whisk the vinegar, oil, onion, salt and pepper together.
4. Toss all ingredients together and arrange on a serving plate.

Yield= 2

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