Monday, August 17, 2009

Kettle Grilling

Smokin Kettle

Smoky Grilled Chicken Quarters

My brother and I were put in charge of cooking for a recent family gathering and we had the use of a huge ceramic kettle grill. This type of grill has origins in Japan where it is known as a shichirin, a ceramic stove. The grill had a large egg shape which is designed to contain and reflect the heat source from the bottom. It took awhile to get the fire going and to burn down to white hot coals, the marinated chicken quarters went on the grill and the huge lid was then lowered in place. Massive amounts of smoke poured out of the adjustable vent on top and with temperatures reaching 500 degrees or more it was not long before the "its ready" was said. The chicken was left with crispy golden skin on the outside and with moist smoke flavored meat inside, it was perfect for a summer night.

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