Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sweet Pepper Bruschetta

The saying "Less is more" really applies when you are using only a few good quality ingredients. Tonight I made a simple bruschetta with Italian Fontina cheese and sweet red peppers slowly simmered in extra virgin olive oil. I started with thick slices of local toasted artisan Ciabatta bread topped with of creamy Fontina cheese, next the peppers go on after slowly cooking in olive oil till soft and tender. I placed the bruschetta under the broiler to quickly melt the cheese and its done. The taste of crunchy toasted bread with the semi-pungent creamy cheese and the oil drenched sweet peppers is pure joy!

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Maria said...

Mmmm...Looks like how they make it in Italy. Me and you...we will get along just fine Bruchettaness! -stops talking to food pictures-