Saturday, August 15, 2009

San Francisco Farmers Market

The biggest and best Farmers market in San Francisco happens every Saturday at the ferry terminal building on the waterfront, The historical building itself holds some of the best restaurants, specialty markets and stores in San Francisco and with the addition of the Saturday farmers market it is a true destination for anyone that loves food and exploring what makes the bay area one of the food capital's of the Country. The local shoppers tend to come early and buy what they need and are gone before the mid day crowds come.

Baby Beets

I woke up to a beautiful day and had the idea of taking one of the local ferry boats into San Francisco, with scenic views of the bay and city without the driving or parking issues of the big city. The first thing the hits you is all the smells of food cooking, from Latin tamales to local oysters and the grill, it can be overwhelming with all the choices of food. The best way to shop is look at every stall and note what interests you and price, then go back and get what you what at a stall with the best price. I go for the things that you can't find often in markets like baby vegetables, specialty greens and breads. With bags full of food and maybe a few bites from a vendor its time to re board for the trip home.

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