Monday, August 03, 2009

Weekend Sailing on San Francisco Bay

The Calm and Sunny Waters of the North Bay

Grilling Salmon at Anchor

Sunset at Ayala Cove, Angel Island

During the Summer months its often quite windy but sunny on San Francisco bay, weekend day sails are are a lot of fun, but when given the chance to over night in a quiet cove, I am all up for it. My brother came into town for the weekend, which gave us the excuse to sail, so we stocked up the boat with lots of good food and drinking supplies and set sail. Grilled sausage sandwiches were for lunch while sailing in a fairly calm part of the North bay, then it was on to the central bay with windy white capped waves for the rest of the afternoon. We then sailed to Ayala cove at Angel Island state park, we would share this quiet anchorage with only about ten other boats. With the boat now securely moored for the night we could relax and grill a dinner of salmon with new potatoes and Summer vegetables. As we watched the sun set behind the Western Marin hills we had after dinner drinks made with Myers dark rum and pineapple juice. When it became dark, sleep came fast as the boat gently rocked at anchor.

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