Friday, July 23, 2010

Fried Green Tomato, Bacon and Lettuce Sandwich

With tomato season coming in strong now, I was thinking about using different types of tomatoes and cooking with a type of tomato that is usually harvested at the end of the growing season. It is the Green tomato, which are the last unripened tomatoes that need to be picked before the cold winter season starts. Fried green tomatoes are a famous side dish in the Southern region of the United States and it can be found on many restaurant menus. Typically the tomatoes are sliced thick and soaked in buttermilk before being dusted with a seasoned corn meal and then fried till crisp and golden. These unripe tomatoes have a firm texture with a somewhat tart and acidic flavor. I chose to feature the fried tomato in a classic BLT sandwich which turned out great. Another variation would be to add a fried soft shell crab with spicy remoulade sauce.

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