Friday, July 30, 2010

A New Orleans Legend

Its my first day here in this blazing hot and humid city, I am surprised how big of a city it is, most of the time only images of Bourbon street are shown on TV. Its a food town all right with plenty of spots everywhere. I am in town doing a big event and today we just got used to the layout of the kitchens and the menus, half way through the day our Executive chef called everyone together and said "lets go". into a group of waiting cars to a undisclosed location. The place we ended up was the spice factory of the legendary Paul Prudhomme who is the godfather of Cajun cooking. He himself was at the door waiting for us and welcomed us inside for a personal tour of the factory. It was very interesting to see how he blended and bottled all the different spices. At the end of the tour he asked "who's hungry?" and he invite all of us back to his famous restaurant K-Paul where he was going to cook for us! we all sat down together and ate while telling stories, awesome day! (photos to follow soon)

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