Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Northwest Road Trip

Oregon Blueberry Farm

Handful of just picked berries

Five Pounds of Berries

Fresh Blueberry Pancakes

I started my one week adventure in the Northwest by flying up the coast to Portland, Oregon, I met up with my brother and we jumped in his car and headed West to the coast. Thirty minutes out of Portland the landscaped changes from urban city to flat farmlands. I knew we would be passing many roadside stalls selling fruits and vegetables, I soon spotted a "you pick" blueberry farm where stopped to get some berries. We were each given a big bucket and pointed towards the hillside of blueberry bushes. Its really easy, just pick the dark blue ones. After getting five pounds! we felt had enough, the price was only ten dollars. Now what to make with all these berries? pancakes and muffins came to mind with some other ideas as well.

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