Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Charcuterie Plate

With Summer coming and having lighter, less heavy meals the charcuterie plate might just be the perfect idea. The term charcuterie comes from the form of cooking devoted to prepared meats most common using pork but also including other foods such as pates, hams, sausage, confits, salami, etc. These meats are normally cured and originally were made as a way of being preserved without refrigeration. It is common to serve cheese, pickles and fruits along with other appropriate condiments with them. It is very easy to buy one or two of your favorite cheeses and sliced meats to arrange on a platter with maybe some crackers or bread. This type of menu is perfect for a picnic and be sure to bring a bottle or two of wine to go with it. On a recent weekday night when I did not want to cook, I arranged this plate of sliced apple, crackers, Drunken goat and Burrata cheese along with some nice sliced Prosciutto ham. Perfect.

Charcuterie plate

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