Sunday, May 13, 2012

Salmon Season is Here!

Good news for Salmon lovers, the Summer salmon season has started and it's going to be a good one. In the past few years the fishing season was closed or only open briefly because of low salmon numbers, but levels are up this year and fishermen are now catching their limits. These local Chinook salmon have just started to be available in local markets with prices that are still pretty high. It is expected to go down a few dollars a pound in the upcoming weeks as a regular supply will be available. My first salmon of the season was prepared simply by a quick sear in a hot pan and then finishing in the oven, a saute of pancetta bacon and asparagus went with it. One of my favorite sauces to serve with it is the Italian Salsa Verde which is a blend of capers, garlic, parsley and a squeeze of lemon juice. It's perfect for the salmon and great with any fish.

Pan Seared Local Salmon

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